Episode 064: 800 Lumens!

This week, Jacob and Guest Star Max have a rousing discussion about the latest in energy efficient lighting: LED bulbs!

They briefly discuss the history of flashlights, before diving headlong into the details of the power usage of various forms of lighting, and how they all stack up compared to LED lights. Various aspects of Lighting technology are then discussed, before finishing up by expounding on the various novel new usage applications LED lighting has opened up.

Episode 063: A Fine Rainy Day.

This week, we discuss two unrelated things, and try desperately to make them connect. We briefly discuss Amazon Prime Day, in all its inglorious prestige, and then turn to an entirely unrelated subject; depression.

As we tackle this serious subject, we delve into the things that can depress us on an individual basis, what it means to be depressed, and the things we do to alleviate our depression. We then broaden the discussion to the population in general, where we try to suss out a root to human interaction and mental well-being. Many advancements in the field of mental health are made. Or perhaps not.

Episode 062: A Fine Corpse

This week, we discuss the new mini-expansion to Blizzards Diablo 3; the necromancer pack. To be honest, we spend half an hour gushing about how much fun this new addition to the game is, and laughing about the various minor glitches that come with new game content. We then discuss the impact of this expansion, and theorize as to the future of the franchise, looking back at Blizzards amazing support of its previous installment, Diablo 2.

Episode 061: Seems Like Sage Advice

This week, we discuss old things, particularly old companies. We point out a few notable companies with the luster of age, and we muse about what it takes to keep a company in business for over a century, and what keeps that from happening. We then turn this discussion to modern times, discussing if it is possible for businesses starting out now will be able to maintain themselves and become long lasting as well, or of the challenges of business today render that goal unachievable, touching on Amazon’s attempt to be involved in everything.

Episode 059: Become as Cat-like as Possible.

This week, we discuss the merits of various forms of vacations. From reclining in a barcalounger, sipping a coffee and reading a book, to lying on a beach chair with a mojito, to hiking the trails, to exploring the cities, we discuss the various ways people spend their time away from work, and which appeals to each of us.

Episode 057: Thats a lot of Cores

This week, we discuss mobile computing in its various incarnations; from phones, to tablets, to laptops, all the shapes are discussed, and mocked to the appropriate degree. We amuse ourselves discussing Microsoft’s bizarre ¬† tactics in their new offerings, before branching off to discuss the new Nintendo console.

Episode 056: A Bird! A Plane! A Franchise!

This week, we discuss Superman films throughout the ages, and try and sort out why the previously popular man of steel has fallen out of public favor in recent outings. We compare various factors, and discuss the elements in films past and present to come to our conclusion.

We apologize for the lack of show last week, Jacob was suffering technical difficulties.

Episode 055: Awesome Mixtape #2

This week, we have a gleeful discussion of the newly released “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2”
We try to restrain our gushing praise of this film, and fail miserably, and resort to singing its high praises, and picking apart the details of the fantastic performances within. Further, we speculate as to the future of the franchise, and discuss its impact and connection with other marvel properties.