Episode 54: Marvel TV Universe pt 4.

This week, we return to the Marvel TV universe to review ‘Jessica Jones’. As usual, we delve into what we think makes and breaks the show, and how it ties together with all the other marvel TV shows. We the discuss several aspects of the Marvel universe, especially how concussions seem to not exist. This wraps up the reviews of the four Marvel TV shows, and we eagerly anticipate the Marvel Defenders show!

Episode 053: Excelsior! (The 20 Nerd Commandments)

This week, we take a stroll down memory lane, and visit a time long past (2010) and review the then created “20 nerd Commandments” By Rob Bricken over at therobotsvoice.com . We run down the entire list, apply color commentary, and decide on the validity and veracity of the rules and regulations laid out therein, and whether or not they apply now, 7 long years later. Many arguments are had.

Episode 052: The Last Jedi, A trailer awakens.

This week, we gleefully review the brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We start with our overall impressions of the trailer, (and our frustration at the fan trailer that is top billing on google at the time of this recording) and then we work through a shot by shot breakdown of the trailer, sounding off our reactions and theories as we go.

Yes, we are incredible nerds.

Episode 051: Marvel TV Universe pt 3.

This week, we again attack the Marvel TV universe, and finish reviewing Luke Cage. We discuss the mid season turn into left field in terms of villainy, and the complicated array of emotions that created. We then further discuss the intermingling of all the Marvel properties, and how they ultimately may come together.

Episode 050: Marvel TV Universe pt 2.

This week, we continue our discussion of the Marvel TV universe, and delve into the second half of Iron Fist, We further disparage the writers and discuss the rampant confusion that plagues the motivations of the characters within. We also touch on the first few episodes of Luke Cage, which we find to be vastly superior in both writing and execution. We hope to continue this series with the remainder of the Marvel Defenders Characters!

Episode 048. Gimme Some Thin Mints

This week, we talk about Girl Scout Cookies, and all the ways they complete our lives. We rattle off all the discontinued flavors, and then discuss the intricacies of there being two names for many flavors, and why. We discuss the business strategies that have been used and disavowed by the Girl Scouts, and then accidentally wander down a bizarre sidetrack rabbit hole concerning organized crime. Only we could accidentally make this connection!

Episode 047. They’re Making Three of These?

This week, we have a lively discussion of the concept of the ‘Cinematic Universe’. We discuss the various franchises that have attempted the vast world building involved, disparage those that have failed, and then begin to gleefully eviscerate the DC Comics Cinematic Universe. We dissect the viscera of its failures, and dully probe and annotate all its various pustules of disarray.