Episode 046. The Future Was Yesterday.

This week, we discuss an idea Jacob discovered, stories that changed genres as they aged. While most entries into this novel category began in the realm of science fiction, a few entries from other genres are fielded.  We discuss the effects of time on stories, and how they change when viewed through the cultural lens of a different time period than they originated in.

Episode 045. Gold Stars for Participation

This week, we spend the podcast reflecting on the past year, as todays show marks the 52nd podcast upload, marking one year of mixed insanity! We review our work, pointing out our plethora of flaws, as well as our good points. We discuss the highs and lows of a year of podcasting, and try and set some goals for the upcoming year.

Episode 044. Stick and Turn

This week, we have a discussion about life changing events, both large and small. We discuss how seemingly trivial things can alter the course of our lives, and the effects of more dramatic moments, and the repercussions they have. We both reminisce about events of our pasts that we find important, and reveal a little of our history in the process.

Episode 042. Patent Medicine Salesman.

This week, we devote the podcast to discussing that age old slayer, Snake Oil Medicines. We discuss recent entries into the snake oil market, mock them mercilessly while breaking down their claims point by point, and then touch base on a few historic elixirs of health that continue to make dubious claims, even today.

Episode 041. Stay a While, and Listen.

This week, we spend our entire show discussing one of our favorite video game series ‘Diablo’. We discuss our experiences with each of the entries into the franchise, rough out the outline of the plot of the series for those more un-initiated listeners, and weigh our opinions of the changes that have come to the game series throughout the years.

Remember, ‘There is no cow level.’

Episode 040. Tales of A Star Wars Story.

This week, after a brief sidebar into something ridiculous Jacob brings up, we devote an entire podcast to the discussion of the new entry into the Star Wars cinematic universe: Rogue One. We readily admit, most of what you are about to hear is nerdy gushing, but a few criticisms are indeed levied against this box office juggernaut.

Episode 039. The Basalisk of The New Year

This week, we catch up on our¬†miscellanea of the last few weeks by discussing the ending year, and all that it wrought upon us, as well as a host and bevy of topics ranging from movies, graphic novels, books, and new-years festivities. We would promise to be more consistent in the future, but we’d hate to lie to you.

We look forward to entertaining you, or at least bemusing you in the new year!