Episode 039. The Basalisk of The New Year

This week, we catch up on our miscellanea of the last few weeks by discussing the ending year, and all that it wrought upon us, as well as a host and bevy of topics ranging from movies, graphic novels, books, and new-years festivities. We would promise to be more consistent in the future, but we’d hate to lie to you.

We look forward to entertaining you, or at least bemusing you in the new year!

Episode 036. The Foodening is Upon Us!

This week, on Thanksgiving-Eve, we discuss all things turkey and cranberries, or more accurately, we discuss Danielle’s deep seated loathing  of traditional thanksgiving fare, and Jacob’s deep seated love of traditional thanksgiving fare. (save for cranberry salad and yams with marshmallows.) A vigorous debate ensues.

Episode 033. An Argument About Beans.

This week’s podcast has the alternate title, “Does it have a flavor, or just misery?” This week, we devote ourselves to being silly, and discussing things that amuse us and make us happy. We instantly get derailed, and talk mostly about strange local festivals, which devolves into a long weird argument about chili, beans and the apropriate use therein, and then hot foods in general. Email us your favorite chili recipe!

Episode 032. Super Secret Phone Number

Tonight we have a discussion about the Man, the Myth, the Legend, Mr. Bill Murray. We discuss a award he garnered, and the amusing story associated with that event, as well as discussing his works, from best to worst. We then use the opportunity to wander into the realm of movies in general, and discuss the more recent X-Men movies, plumbing their flaws and gems. A few other movie franchises come under our radar, and nerdity is applied liberally.