Episode 005. A lively bag of cat emotions.

Tonight we talk about creepy apocalypse pamphlet distributors, retribution on the inconvenient, the chaos that lives inside Jacob’s head, and a bevy of other topics, in what might be described as a dual source stream of consciousness escapade. Some of this will make sense, and the rest is a series of semi connected inside Jokes. In the words of Gary Larson: “It was late, and I was tired.”

Episode 004. Injuries, Cooking and Wellness.

Today we do a little navel gazing as we discuss how Jacob injured himself, learned about it, and learned how to fix himself. We also talk about food, because the main thing we’re good at is eating, and how it relates to our overall wellness and wellbeing.

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Episode 002. Movies, Books, and reading.

This week, we try to discuss Jacob’s opinions on the new Deadpool movie without spoiling it for Danielle, wander into cinema theory in general, climb the mountain of Michael Bay’s Folly, and then tumble down into the verdant valley of recreational reading, where the fruits of authors minds may be harvested, some at your own risk. Thats enough geography and exploration metaphors for one week.

Inaugural Podcast (episode 001)

Welcome to the Proteus Podcast. Ideas in all shapes and forms.

We here at Proteus are serial learners, as such, this podcast will reflect our massively varied interests. We will be discussing everything from technology, science, and art to movies, politics and recent events. There will be thoughts, opinions, and even occasional editorializing. We expect a smattering of innuendo, all laced with sarcasm and dry humor, wet humor, black humor, and various other humors. We apologize in advance for the non PG rated content, and do not apologize for hurting your feelings, or disagreeing with you.