Episode 012. You’re Saying it Wrong.

Tonight, we let Danielle rant about the politics of using bathrooms in Texas, and then foray into a brief political tirade, before settling down to discuss the merits, or lack thereof in Faire Food. Because we can’t stay on topic for more than 5 minutes, because we where raised on a steady diet of  soda and electronics, we also finish up talking about some new developments in video games.

Episode 010. I Expected That To Work.

Tonight, we touch on the topic of how a grocery store does inventory, before Jacob explains all the coolest new advances in self driving cars to Danielle, and then we crash into a few dozen minor tangents, before surmounting technical difficulties. Audience participation is provided in this episode, with a game of ‘spot where the show is spliced this together’. Email your guesses to our hotline, and earn our everlasting gratitude for putting up with our shenanigans!


Episode 009. Non Sequitur the shit out of it.

This week, because we are either getting much worse, or far better at our jobs, we cover a host of topics, ranging violently back and forth from weather, rent, politics, weather, travel, birthdays, patriarchs, weather, books and various other minor tangents. Follow us on twitter to be alerted when new episodes are posted!

Episode 006. The Great Orange Foe.

Tonight, we talk about ‘The Hunger Games’ and the many ways we can hate it, and then we somehow manage to have a civil conversation about politics for half the podcast, without anyone getting mad. We assume that because of this, some form of singularity has been formed, and the universe as we know it will be sucked into it and destroyed imminently.

Episode 005. A lively bag of cat emotions.

Tonight we talk about creepy apocalypse pamphlet distributors, retribution on the inconvenient, the chaos that lives inside Jacob’s head, and a bevy of other topics, in what might be described as a dual source stream of consciousness escapade. Some of this will make sense, and the rest is a series of semi connected inside Jokes. In the words of Gary Larson: “It was late, and I was tired.”

Episode 004. Injuries, Cooking and Wellness.

Today we do a little navel gazing as we discuss how Jacob injured himself, learned about it, and learned how to fix himself. We also talk about food, because the main thing we’re good at is eating, and how it relates to our overall wellness and wellbeing.

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